Invertek Drives Ltd, a global innovator and manufacturer of variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, has celebrated producing its three millionth VFD. 

The landmark arrives just three years after the two-million milestone, demonstrating rapidly growing demand for its energy-saving solutions.

Its Optidrive VFDs play a crucial role in reducing energy consumption of up to 50 per cent in some applications and associated emissions. By precisely controlling electric motors, they ensure they only use the power needed for the specific task, significantly reducing wasted energy. This technology is particularly impactful considering estimates suggest over 80 million electric motors operate globally without VFD control.

Designed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters near Welshpool, UK, the production of the three millionth VFD represents Invertek Drives’ ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“Tackling energy waste and emissions is a global priority,” said Adrian Ellam, CEO of Invertek Drives Ltd. “Our VFDs provide a powerful and proven solution. Expanding their use will significantly impact environmental sustainability. We innovate relentlessly, ensuring our technology remains at the forefront of efficiency.

The need for industries to adopt energy savings and reduce emissions

“We are expanding our Innovation team significantly to create next generation VFD products as more and more industries and sectors adopt such technology to increase efficiencies in systems and reduce energy consumption, leading to improved profitability.”

Invertek’s dedication to energy efficiency extends to specialised product lines, such as its Optidrive Coolvert VFDs designed specifically for heat pump and refrigeration systems.

This investment has been key in securing large OEM contracts within the rapidly expanding heat pump market.  As governments and businesses prioritise shifting away from traditional heating systems globally, the Coolvert range is critical in optimising heat pump performance while delivering significant energy savings.

The company is currently undergoing a major expansion, including a new 2,750sqm facility to boost production capacity to over 1.5 million drives annually. This investment underscores the growing demand for VFDs across various industries.

Invertek Drives continues to experience impressive growth. The company achieved a record turnover of £96.9 million in 2023, a 27% increase year-on-year. With a workforce exceeding 460 employees, the company recently announced plans for a multi-million pound investment in its VFD research and development programme, including a new Innovation Centre and HQ.

Development of next generation electric motor control

Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director, said the company’s recent launch of its new Optidrive Elevator Core VFD was the start of a new generation of VFDs entering the market.

“Our commitment to innovation has fuelled our success,” said Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director. “The recent Optidrive Elevator Core launch is just one example. Customers worldwide recognise the reliability of Invertek’s drives for diverse, often demanding, uses.

“Our significant and continued investment in innovation over the past 25 years has positioned us as a leader in the development of VFD technology. We have a large and dedicated customer base who recognise the ease of use and durability of our drives in a wide range of applications, often in demanding environments.

“We’ve established a global sales and service network which supports our ongoing growth and we continue to expand.”

VFDs are used in applications across a broad spectrum of industries worldwide. These include manufacturing to optimise production line efficiency in processes like pumps, fans, and conveyors; HVAC building services to regulate ventilation, air conditioning, and water pumps in commercial and industrial buildings; water and wastewater to improve efficiency in water treatment plants and pumping stations; renewable energy to control wind turbines and solar tracking systems; to HVAC-R for optimising performance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

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