Precisely measuring torque is the key to developing highly professional propulsion systems, which is why companies around the world, such as HBM – market leader in the field of test and measurement – have recognised the importance of supplying innovative torque measurement technology for the testing of drive trains.

Testing of drives and power trains is a key task in vehicle development.  Especially in view of the required substantial increases in efficiency next-generation cars and large utility vehicles need to offer. It is essential that every motor and every drive are precisely tested.

Leading the way in torque transducer technology, HBM first introduced its T1 Torque Transducer model during the 1950s, at a time when people could afford better and more reasonably priced cars.  This introduction was all the market needed and proved to be a catalyst to the development of a steady flow of innovative and new products from HBM.

Shortly after the launch of the T30FN in the 1970s, which was the first Torque Transducer to provide contactless transmission, a major breakthrough was once again achieved with the introduction of the innovative T10F from HBM.  Developed in the early 1990’s and still in use today, the development of the T10F went on to form the basis of the pioneering T12 Digital Torque Transducer in 2015, which has recently been updated to the T12HP Digital Torque Transducer.  The T12HP dramatically reduces set up times and optimises testing.

Setting the standards for dynamic measurements in test stands, the new T12HP Digital Torque Transducer provides unprecedented precision, particularly in terms of temperature stability.

Eliminating the impact of temperature influences on the measurement result, due to a TCO value of 0.005%, the T12HP also features a FlexRange™ function, which enables users to run a more detailed analysis in any partial range, from the full measurement range.

Unlike other technologies currently available on the market, the new T12HP from HBM enables different measurement tasks to be expeditiously performed using a single characteristic curve, eliminating the need to switch to a second measurement range.

In addition to its excellent technical performance features, CAN, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT and PROFINET interfaces also ensure easy integration of the T12HP torque transducer with different test stand concepts.  In addition, as the measurement flange is installed directly in the drive train, this makes it maintenance free.

Meeting the market requirements for increasingly flexible and efficient test cycles, the new T12HP fully complies with the demanding requirements for high accuracy, high dynamics and high resolution and is available from HBM with different nominal (rated) torques, ranging from 100 Nm to 10 kNm.

As demand continues to grow for increased efficiency and more stringent environmental legislation, alongside increased customer expectations, torque measurement is a key criterion for measurements in the power train.  Nearly all automobile manufacturers, testing houses and test stand developers worldwide rely on sensors when measuring torque and this is why HBM’s non-contacting torque transducers guarantee precision, ease of use (freedom from maintenance) and smooth integration with automation environments thanks to digital technology.


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