About us

MEPCA – Manufacturing Engineering Process Control Automation is a monthly magazine, providing information on the latest technologies, advice and solutions for management and technical challenges encountered by Managers and Engineers in the process, control and plant industries.

An in-depth and innovative guide to the most state-of-the-art products and advanced technologies in industry, with up to date news and features, including editorial input and comment from professional associations BSIF, GAMBICA, UKAS, The EEF, The IET and MTA, among others.

Our subscription based distribution consists of – All UK’s major manufacturing and industrial units.

Readers are: Senior Engineers, Chief Engineers, Process Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Plant Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Precision Engineers & General Engineers, Engineering Managers/Project managers, Specifiers/ Buyers and Managing Directors within companies and Organisations in the Food – Dairy – Beverage & Brewing – Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology – Chemical, Oil & Gas – Automotive and Aerospace, Electronics and Optical, Metals, Transport and comms, Mining and Quarrying, Construction sectors.

With a circulation of nearly 15,626 printed copies and 32,000 digital copies sent each month.

The Magazine is reader focused, with relevant and interesting editorial to inform and educate on the latest management techniques, products, solutions and services. Written for Engineers with our circulation carefully monitored to go to the full decision making chain.

A4 glossy, the magazine is great to read and hold with advertising being placed next to relevant and thought provoking editorial, with no more than 50% advertising.

There are regularly sections on: Automation, Process, Control, Measurement, monitoring, Software, Health and Safety

Monthly content also includes:

  • Measurements & Monitoring
  • Process control
  • Drives and Controls
  • Sensors and Systems
  • Automation
  • Fluid Handling
  • Food Processing
  • Machining
  • Facilities Management
  • Process Technologies
  • Storage, Handling & Distribution
  • Water & Effluent Treatment
  • Air Gas & Odour Control
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